The vision

Africa is waking up

Africa, the cradle of human culture, has for years faced economic, political and social challenges. The climate crisis which affects the whole world is having a deeper impact on and poses the greatest challenges to society in Africa. This is the situation in which Africa is seeking its way and its proper status as a continent at the heart of humanity.

The return to Africa is a return to the foundations of human culture, to the great human partnership, to the roots that make all human beings one big family. The idea of humanism built on the foundations of the great African civilization and the cultural and research achievements of the Western world will be an important landmark in the history of mankind.

Recent years have marked the beginnings of change in Africa, and the continent’s great renewal efforts – as a continent and as an independent cultural and economic center.

The national vision of the State of Benin is to position itself at the center of African renewal and awakening.
Benin’s cultural and economic activity is an integral part of Africa’s vision of renewal.

In order to enable Benin to navigate its way as a leading country in Africa, we seek to establish an important and large university center there, which will address the plight of the local culture, but at the same time will provide a major vision for the whole country of Benin, for the African continent and for all mankind.

The University Center of Benin, named in honor of Samuel Dossou-Aworet, will serve as a state-of-the-art technological laboratory for studies leading to research and creativity.
The university will serve both as a center for training the next generation of workers in services, industry and agriculture in the State of Benin.
and as a laboratory for technological renewal using the most modern and advanced tools of manufacturing, services and industry.
In this way, the university will train the next generation of educators for the African education system, geared to the twenty-first century.

The university’s major goal is to be a partner in building the great African vision, which has a universal, moral and humanitarian message;
respect and appreciation for Benin’s local culture and the African roots of humanity and for authentic and honest political and cultural leadership.