Samuel dossou


Africa, the cradle
of human culture

The Samuel Dossou University – “I only choose people whose purpose is to achieve their full potential, or those whom I know that they fulfilling their potential. For now I want to talk only about a world in which thoughts and life are powering the future. Anyone who encourages others to work and move is taking advantage of hope”.

Albert Camus

Imparting knowledge leads
to expertise

The SDA University will seek out the connection between “The World of Work” and the educational sphere using a broad system of training with the support of all interested parties in education as well as in the sectors that create work. This will be based on ongoing analysis of the requirements of the labor market. 

Young African male agroengineer in protective workwear standing on stepladder
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Mr. Samuel Dossou has been involved in extensive philanthropic activities for many years, spanning many different fields such as education, agriculture, entrepreneurship, health and others. There is an ongoing contribution for the benefit of boys and girls in boarding schools and institutions across Africa. The PETROLIN Group, under his leadership, is also involved in job creation and the development of purchasing power in the African continent and beyond, as well as providing a significant pan-African contribution to industry and commerce.

The Samuel Dossou University creates a dynamic community that will benefit from the expertise and specialization in various universities of an interdisciplinary and inter-university curriculum throughout the continent. The program which includes joint research and study, will lead to the growth and promotion of entrepreneurship in modern industry and to the reduction of unemployment, inequality and poverty in the country.

The university has a special role in dealing with the socio-economic and cultural development of Benin and with female empowerment in cooperation with government agencies, factories and leading companies in the economy. The university aims to integrate its graduates who will in the future become the designers of society in the labor market and an active and influential force in the promotion of research and large-scale educational and communal activities.

The Samuel Dossou University is striving to create diverse cooperation in the future with advanced industrial technologies at various universities around the world. This participation will help to advance the human capital needed for the university's organizational development. In addition, alongside the various technological studies, courses in philosophy and the humanities and social sciences will be taught to increase the development of thinking and broaden horizons.  
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