Building studies - structural design and construction management

The studies in the field of civil engineering deal with the planning and construction of buildings, roads and infrastructure for the needs of the economy, the public and the individual. The construction industry is in constant growth and the various engineering professions in the field of construction are essential for civic success and development. In the civil engineering profession, there are two specializations to choose from: construction management and structural design. The course in construction management is intended to train engineers in the management of engineering projects and emphasizes the need for both theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of what is happening on the ground. In the course, in addition to receiving the basic background in a variety of areas of civil engineering, special focus is placed on areas related to construction management.

These courses provide a broad and solid technological basis, which allows the graduates to work in a variety of positions in the technological field, both as freelancers and in teamwork in knowledge-intensive and energy-intensive industries.


Main subjects

  • Resource and Personnel Management
  • Construction methods
  • Schedule planning
  • Project financial management
  • Use of materials
  • Choosing construction technologies etc


The studies will deal with advanced static calculation, advanced engineering design, advanced construction in concrete, steel and wood, computer applications, computerized planning – STRAP earthquake design, road works, infrastructure and development, safety on site and a workshop and a final project in the field of planning