About the course

Agriculture plays an important role in the world in general and in human society in particular – the development of agriculture, from its inception until now, has made it possible to greatly increase the amount of food available to human society, and thus to make possible the increase in world population to its current level. Fierce competition in the local and global markets today requires that farmers have a broad and comprehensive understanding of the fields of economics and technology. Farmers need to manage water resources wisely, to become more environmentally-friendly and know how to improve plant varieties.

Main subjects

  • Diverse growing methods
  • Use of advanced technology
  • The possibilities of organic farming
  • The possibilities of using solar energy for heating
  • Solar greenhouses
  • Control and monitoring of climatic conditions
  • Growing plants and rearing animals together
  • The influence of the market on times of ripening
  • The possibilities of growing throughout the year
  • Manpower savings
  • Computerized irrigation and fertilization systems
  • Water purification