About the university

The university is located in the International Center for African Resource Development, CIEVRA, which is in Benin, a short distance from the economic city of Cotonou.
The center, which is protected and maintained, was designed and developed in the framework of partnerships between African and international researchers.

The SDA University has set itself the goal of supporting education and professional training in Benin from a commitment and determination to turn education and training into a lever of sustainable development.

The education system in Benin has taken advantage of its political and social stability, and has made significant progress in implementing its development plans. However, the main challenges facing Benin at present are ensuring the availability of human capital and human resources equipped with the ability to encourage sustainable development of the educational sector and the strengthening of national unity.

The Samuel Dossou University will significantly reinforce the education system, and offers a holistic and systemic approach to promote both formal and informal education, encouraging adequate provision for both education and the needs of the labor market.

The university serves as a preferred place for organizations interested in holding work sessions in a quiet location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet containing all the modern equipment needed to run its activities smoothly (internet connections, projectors, copiers, audio and video recording equipment etc).

The University Center will host international research projects and will serve as a modern international center in a calm, discreet and green environment.
The main projects will deal with the development of Africa mainly in agriculture and health with the emphasis on initiatives that promote endogenous skills and knowledge and make possible the transfer of knowledge and technologies to Africa.

The university has a special role in the economic, social and cultural development of Benin and in female empowerment in collaboration with government officials, factories and leading companies in the economy.
It aims to integrate its graduates who will in the future become influential in society and in the labor market and an active and influential force in promoting research and large-scale educational and community activities.

The university strives for academic excellence with social responsibility.
All faculties will include academic staff whose members have gained international recognition as well as skilled and talented administrative staff providing the best possible administrative and technical infrastructure